Published on November, 2015

Cimprogetti’s historical customer JSW  Steel Limited (India) has released the Final Acceptance Certificate for no. 3 Cim-RD kilns (round section) each one with a single capacity of 600 tpd, fed with a mixture of various gases coming from the steel process, a proven flexibility on balancing energy and mass in big industrial complex.

The performance tests have exceeded several contractual parameters: kilns nominal capacity, residual CO2, reactivity and fuel consumption.

JSW’s Toranagallu site in the state of Karnataka counts n11 (off) Cimprogetti lime kilns operating at full capacity and a twelfth Cim-RD kiln, which will be started-up in the close future; the aggregate capacity will rise up to 4800 tpd of lime used for steel mills process.

This success, as well as being a crucial reference for potential future projects, make Cimprogetti‘s Team pride since with perseverance and dedication has proved once again to be an outstanding player in project of a such high complexity… the future is not far away.