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Professionalism, quality, flexibility and technological innovation are the key assets that distinguish the company's approach to the market.

Because we consider quality to be a must for all importers and exporters in our industry, we do not distinguish ourselves from our competitors only on the basis of quality.

Cimprogetti has adopted a Quality management system, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), relevant to "Design and supply of plants for Lime and by-products".

In order to meet its quality objectives, Cimprogetti has adopted the following guidance:

Since 1997, Cimprogetti conforms to
Quality Management Systems standard



The basis of our business philosophy is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers, investors and stakeholders by meeting the needs of our customers as contractually defined.

Our MISSION is therefore

  1. the SATISFACTION of customers, the external community and the supervisory authorities, which must be continuously assessed, together with our commitment to comply with environmental legislation and to reduce our environmental impact (including energy consumption, air emissions, etc.),
  2. and the daily pursuit of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in terms of processes, completed projects, products and services by all Cimprogetti employees and associates , in carrying out their activities, both inside and external to the company, together with consistent quality and reduced environmental impact.

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The values that are at the core of our internal organization are:

  1. A profound respect for the environment,
  2. Transparency of internal and external relationship,
  3. Accountability to stakeholders,
  4. Credibility and authority towards our market’s key players in the world.

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In the field of industrial production of lime and related products, Cimprogetti’s VISION is to maintain a leading position on the world stage through a strategy that rests on three pillars:


Alongside the concepts of INNOVATION and INTERNATIONALIZATION, we have added EDUCATION, which is particularly intended for our internal staff. Continuous education is intimately linked to technological processes, and the further education of our staff could also represent an advantage for our Stakeholders. Moreover, our skilled instructors deliver training courses and seminars for education and training to our customers’ personnel.

We believe that the KNOWLEDGE-BASE is the essential "driver"  for a growing culture.

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